Pasta | Hot Stone Pizza | Italian Restaurant | Green Bay WI


At Heartland Pizza Company you’ve come to know us for delivering high quality hot stone pizzas made with the best ingredients we can source along with unique and memorable combinations.

We took over a year to research how we’d add pasta to the menu at Heartland Pizza Company.  

Most restaurants are happy to bring in dried noodles, including some really nice ones that are available.  But it just didn’t feel to me like Heartland Pizza Company and our from scratch menu.

On a trip to the Cayman Islands we dined at a great restaurant that had their pasta machine located inside the restaurant.  I was instantly curious.  After eating my meal I was even more intrigued at making our pasta totally from scratch.  

I was able to connect with the owner of the restaurant and he introduced me to his brother who was in the kitchen.  They were kind enough to show me some of their processes.  

The pasta was made from an extruded pasta maker that was imported from Italy.  Using the best flours also imported from Italy.  This machine is used in many Italian cooking schools and restaurants.    

It was on that trip that I decided that if we were to do pasta it had to be truly authentic and fresh. 

We’re excited to delight you with truly authentic Italian pasta and hot stone from scratch pizzas at Heartland. 

On our Heartland Pizza Company pasta menu you’ll discover some fan favorites like Alfredo, Spaghetti and Lasagna.  But expect to find some unique Heartland Pizza Company menu twists to these classics as limited edition pastas.  We’ll also be offering some seasonal dishes and of course some very unique flavors created by our team. 

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Pasta will be launched at the end of January 2019.